Do This Now: Fill Out This Easy Form to Keep Bikes Rolling in the Bitterroot NF, Montana

Submit comments opposing a mountain bike travel ban in the Bitterroot National Forest, Montana using this quick and easy form.
photo: Lee Lau

If you’ve been keeping up with our coverage, you know the USFS has re-opened commenting on a proposed travel ban in the Bitterroot National Forest, Montana, that has the potential to impact mountain bikers. The deadline to submit comments is November 19, 2018, and this form makes it quick and easy to register your opinion.

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The first time around, the travel ban proposal received 250 comments from those in support. This time, the San Diego Mountain Biking Association (SDMBA) is hoping to mobilize riders around the country to submit comments opposing the travel ban, overwhelming those in support. The goal is to collect 5,000 comments from mountain bikers before the deadline.

Be sure to follow the instructions listed on this page exactly, and most importantly, do this before November 19, 2018. The whole thing should take 3 minutes or less.