Arkansas Gets Another Boost With Two New Trail Systems, Assisted by the Waltons

Photos courtesy of the Arkansas Parks and Recreation Foundation.

Central Arkansas recently opened 13 miles of singletrack in the Monument Trail system at Pinnacle Mountain State Park, and another 15 miles of trails are under construction at Pinnacle Mountain and the River Mountain and Two Rivers Parks in Little Rock. All three of the parks have been supported by grants from the Walton Family Foundation to the Arkansas Parks and Recreation Foundation, totaling $2.6M. Pinnacle Mountain State Park plans to add another 5 miles of trail in the next few months, while the Two Rivers and River Mountain project will feature 10 miles of singletrack.

“This project serves as a prime example of how the partnership of public and private entities can accomplish great things for Arkansas,” said Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson in a press release. “That public-private relationship has brought about substantial enhancements to a park that was already beloved by so many, and that investment will be here for generations to come.”

The development at River Mountain Park and Two Rivers Park is aimed toward all skill levels and ages. The River Mountain development has about 300 feet of elevation change to work with and will have “numerous downhill sections,” including a beginner’s bike skills park at Two Rivers.

“It’s no secret tourists have come to know and love one of the most iconic resources our state has in abundance and that is nature, on full and wondrous display,” said Stacy Hurst, secretary of the Arkansas Department of Parks, Heritage and Tourism.

“Our department’s commitment to deliver this most precious natural and cultural resource for Arkansans as well as out-of-state guests supports our state’s economic growth and vitality. Tourism is the second largest industry in the state, with travelers spending over $7 billion in the state in 2018 and employing nearly 68,000 Arkansans.”