Advocacy Alert: Turkey Mountain (Oklahoma) Under Threat of Development

photo: Roadwarrior

The trails at Turkey Mountain in Tulsa, OK are among the most popular in the state of Oklahoma (last year’s #1, this year’s #2) and for good reason: the trails are challenging and located close to where riders live. But an outlet mall development plan has put these well-loved trails in serious jeopardy.

Local mountain bikers, along with other concerned citizens, recently formed the Tulsa Urban Wilderness Coalition to protect Turkey Mountai,n and they’ve set a goal of raising $3.2 million to purchase the property, should it become available. It’s a bold strategy that just might pay off if enough mountain bikers step up and give a few bucks via the group’s GoFundMe page.

Even if you don’t live in Tulsa or Oklahoma–or even the USA for that matter–we can all benefit from protecting accessible mountain bike trails like those at Turkey Mountain. Sure, there’s plenty of room for more singletrack in our National Forests and State Parks, but urban areas for mountain biking are becoming more scarce. Having trails close to town makes it easier for riders of all ages and income brackets to get involved.

Visit the Tulsa Urban Wilderness Coalition website for more info and to find out how you can help. Donations can be made here.

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