MTB Instructor Simon Lawton on Teaching New Riders and Riding in Baja [Podcast #273]

Mountain bike skills instructor Simon Lawton of Fluidride talks about coaching new riders and the MTB scene in Baja, Mexico.

On this Episode

Simon Lawton is the founder of Fluidride, a world-class mountain bike instructional school that offers both online courses and in-person clinics around the world.  We first spoke with Simon on the podcast in the summer of 2019, and spent some time catching up and learning what mountain bike skills clinics and instruction look during Covid-19.

With so many new mountain bikers joining the sport in 2020, Simon talks about the opportunity for not just skills training but also educating riders on trail use and etiquette. For those rejoining the sport, we ask if certain mountain bike skills can get rusty, and what it takes to break old habits.

In this episode we also talk about the mountain bike scene in Baja, Mexico where Simon now spends his winter season. Connect with Simon and learn more at

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