Mountain Bike Trends: Past, Present, and Future?

In this episode of the Singletracks podcast Gerow, Jeff, and Matt discuss current and future mountain bike trends, starting with a recap of what’s been trending over the past couple of seasons.

  • Mixed wheel mountain bikes
  • More great trails in more places
  • High pivot mountain bikes
  • Electronic bits and baubles, from drivetrains to droppers

Next, we move on to the trends we see shaping up for 2022.

  • Longer travel dropper posts and fatter seat tubes
  • Large scale trail projects with unique funding sources
  • New mountain bike destinations and trails opening as a response to overcrowded ones
  • Bikes and parts supply improvements
  • High pivots on shorter-travel bikes
  • MTB geometry stabilization

Finally, we discuss some of the trends we’d like to see happen sooner rather than later.

  • More customizable bike builds
  • DH or enduro as an Olympic sport
  • Athletes receiving a more livable wage

Which trends to you want to see thrive in 2022, and which ones do you hope will wither on the vine?

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