Mountain Bike Endurance Training Tips with Cycling Coach Ben Turits [Podcast #151]

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For some of us, endurance training means gearing up for a 6 or 12 hour race or a multi-day stage race. For others, it simply means hanging on at the back of the pack for a 2-hour ride. For everyone, mountain bike endurance looks different, but for anyone who has a goal to get fit, our guest has some great advice for success.

Ben Turits runs a coaching business and sports therapy practice called The Endurance Collective. He coaches the Duke University Cycling team as well as a number of mountain bike athletes including Travis Livermon. Ben is helping Travis prepare for the 2020 Olympics to compete in cross-country mountain biking.

In this episode, Ben shares his tips for endurance training, talks about the tools of the trade, and shares his philosophy for coaching elite mountain bike athletes.

To connect with Ben and to learn more about the Endurance Collective, go to

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