In this episode of the Singletracks podcast, Aaron, Greg, and I discuss the ways we use our smartphones to make mountain biking easier. We’ll start off discussing apps we use for planning our trips, then talk about the apps we (sometimes) use on the trail. We’ll wrap up the discussion by covering the apps we use after the ride to find places to eat and drink.

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  • SkiingCory

    Enjoyed this podcast episode.

    I use my Garmin Edge 520 to record my rides into Strava. I have been using Gaia GPS App for navigating trails when I am lost. Do you have any recommendation on a place to store your phone besides your backpack?
    I am not looking for a handlebar mount, just some kind of bag to securely make it accessible when needed (lost).
    Thanks, Cory


    Thanks for this episode. Just wanted to add KOMOOT into the mix. I tested quite a lot of apps, KOMOOT is definitely my favourite. Nice interface, Offline feature, one-time-purchase, good import/export, Navigation if required – highly recommended.

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