Niner President and Co-founder Chris Sugai Interview [Podcast #242]

Chris shares how Niner got its start, weighs in on the mountain bike wheel size debate, and talks about the latest from the brand.
photo: Ian Hylands / Niner Bikes

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Chris Sugai is the co-founder and President of Niner Bikes, a brand which was an early adopter of the now ubiquitous mountain bike wheel size. Over the years Chris and Niner have worked with incredible athletes, produced countless innovations, and generously supported the International Mountain Bike Association.

We get the inside scoop on how Niner got its start and talk about the current state of the mountain bike wheel size debate. Chris talks about building a culture and a brand, and what’s changed now that Niner is part of a larger parent company. We ask about gravel bikes and also what’s next for the bike industry.

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