In this episode, we share our money-saving tips for mountain bikers. Starting with bikes, we’ll talk about how buying a tool can save you money, bike warranties and insurance, and how to shop for new or used bikes. On the travel side, we’ll discuss ways to save money on transportation, lodging, food, and race when you’re on a budget. You can’t afford NOT to listen to this episode.

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  • Zoso

    Could these podcasts be summarized with bullet points? …for those of us that don’t take the time to listen to them. Pretty please?

  • mongwolf

    Only in my fourth full riding season, I’m still in the learning curve on maintenance, service and repairs, but it doesn’t take long to realize how much repairs in a shop cost. One of the great things I have benefited from is a local bike shop whose mechanics are willing to teach you as they work on your bike. I’ll give a shout out for Criterium Bicycle in Colorado Springs. Their mechanics have been awesome to explain so much to me about servicing and repairs. It’s a win win because it saves me money in the long run (as I learn how to do certain maintenance items and repairs myself), and it keeps me coming back as a satisfied return customer.

    So get to know your local mechanic(s) and be genuine about it. Make a real friendship with them. And here’s a common sense tip. Be a little humble, and express a ton of appreciation. Everyone, including mechanics, like to be valued and appreciated. One time I bought two Village Inn pies for a couple of mechanics in Colorado Springs (I won’t say which shop or mechanics) because they had been so good to me over time and in one situation they were honest with me on a repair when another mechanic in town was trying to rip me off. I even wrote a letter of commendation to their supervisor, praising their integrity, overall excellence and people skills. Now that all may seem over-the-top, but they absolutely knew I was sincere, so the gestures were well-received. We all became good friends because of their professionalism and my appreciation of their professionalism.

    • hproctor

      My local LBS has a sign they post each time I enter…..”Take care of Hap first”. They have been so good to me I would feel like I’m cheating on my girl friend if I bought a new bike elsewhere.

  • Carolinadude

    Gummy worms? Heck, I just eat real worms. Just catch ’em as you go. Plus, they’re high in protein.

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