In this episode of the Singletracks podcast we talk about dropper posts: how they work and why you need one. We also give specific recommendations if you’re looking to purchase a new post this year.

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  • sternomac

    Not sure how else to get you this info but I’ve tried downloading several of your podcasts using the iphone podcast app and it fails.

    It hasn’t been all of your podcasts. Most recently, the dropper post one and the one about Pisgah.

    It has not happened with any of the other podcasts I subscribe to.

    Just an FYI

    • Jeff Barber

      We’ve heard that from others too. As far as we can tell, it’s an issue with the podcast app:


      I’ve personally been able to press the “Retry” button when a download fails and eventually it works. We’ll keep searching for a solution on our end, let us know if you find anything on your end!

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