In this episode of the Singletracks podcast, we share our experiences and tips for choosing your next (or your first) mountain bike.

Where do you start? How do you know when it’s time for a new mountain bike? Is buying a used bike a good idea? Is it better to buy an expensive bike, or a cheap one to upgrade down the line? How do you decide to pull the trigger?

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  • Richard Shoop

    Great podcast. One thing I advise people who are looking to buy their first mountain bike is make sure you leave enough room in your budget for good clothing/accessories/protection. These items would include things like a helmet, shoes/pedals, grips, the right saddle, etc. They aren’t cheap, but they can make all the difference on whether someone will enjoy riding their new bike.

  • twah68

    Hey Singletracks crew,

    Love this episode. I was particularly interested in the conversation about how often you buy new bikes. I feel like fleshing out that conversation would be a great standalone Podcast. How long does a mountain bike last? So many contributing variables… How often do you ride, trail conditions, maintenance. I find this is a difficult question to find good information on. Assuming you don’t break your frame what type of use and neglect spell’s game over for your ride? So many parts can be replaced but when do you know that it’s time to move on? What is the critical maintenance to preserve the things that can’t be fixed?Bikes are always improving which in itself is a reason to buy a new one but will the next 20 years really bring as much improvement as the last 20?
    Thanks for all the great content!

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