In this episode of the Singletracks podcast, Matt and Jeff talk about the most recent mountain bike advocacy news.

  • Mountain bike access in Wilderness Study Areas like the Bitterroots, Montana.
  • Updates on the bill to allow mountain bikes in select Wilderness areas.
  • The impact of forest fires in California on mountain bike trails.
  • A new(ish) state-level mountain bike advocacy model being used in Vermont, Michigan, and other states.
  • MTB-related bills being supported by IMBA that are (or were recently) under consideration.


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  • Davey Simon

    Hi there just wanted to say that it’s been quiet from STC likely since its the end of the legislative cycle and the beginning of a new one. Also I feel that STC’s bill was torpedoed by Dave Weins and the IMBA. If they had not given written and in person testimony that they did not support STC’s bill, things would have been much different. We did have great momentum up until then. We continue to try and find a legislative solution to the issue of zero bicycles in any Wilderness area.

    I’m just speaking on my own behalf and not as an STC board member. Thanks.

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