Boundary Busting Bikepacker Lael Wilcox [Podcast #252]

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Lael Wilcox started biking in 2008 at age 20 with an around the world bike trip that took her through more than 30 countries. In 2015, essentially her first year of racing, she won the Tour Divide and smashed the women’s record by more than 2 days. The next year  she won the 4,400 mile Trans Am Bike Race, and set the overall record for both men and women on the Baja Divide route in 2017. Today Lael continues to race and co-leads a mentorship program for middle school girls called Anchorage GRIT in her hometown.

We ask Lael to share her tips and tricks for bikepacking and mental toughness, and talk about the role gender plays in ultra endurance competition. Lael fills us in on how her plans have changed for 2020, her take on documenting and filming her adventures on I Just Want to Ride, and finding nutritious food to eat during races.

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