News: Cannondale Announces New 2015 Jekyll 27.5

The Cannondale Jekyll has been completely reworked for 2015. Developed in collaboration with Jerome Clementz, the all-new bike features the new SuperMax front suspension, a new Fox DYAD rear shock with extra travel, military-inspired Ballistec carbon fiber, 27.5″ wheels, and new geometry to go with the extra travel and new wheel size.

All article images courtesy of Cannondale.

Cannondale has sought to create as laterally stiff of a bike as possible. To that end, they’ve incorporated a patented Enhanced Center Stiffness-Torsion Control (ECS-TC) system. This system utilizes 15mm thru-axles for the key pivot points. Cannondale claims that “by placing axle bearings in-board and clamping the ends of the axle, the axle becomes a structural part of the link or swingarm. Tying the two sides of the link or swingarm together via the axle in this manner radically increases the system’s ability to resist twisting loads.” They’ve also incorporated a collet-style bearing preload system as well as double-stacked rear dropout pivot bearings.

DYAD Shock

The unique dual-tempered Jekyll-and-Hyde DYAD rear shock offers 160mm or 95mm of travel, depending on which way the lever is flipped. According to Cannondale, “where other bikes are forced to use one middle-of-the-road travel and geometry for both climbing and descending, DYAD doesn’t compromise. With its dual modes, Elevate and Flow, it delivers the right shock response and the right geometry at the right moment.” For more information on the DYAD, check out this video:

The SuperMax Lefty features 160mm of travel and weighs in at just 1,850 grams. With its inverted design, dual integrated crowns, 36mm lower leg and 46mm upper leg, Cannondale claims that the SuperMax is stronger and stiffer, gram for gram, than the competition.

For more information, watch this video featuring the all-new Jekyll, and check out these detail photos:

Ballistec Carbon

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