In 2014, Cannondale’s entire OverMountain team will be racing and exploring on the brand-new SuperMax lefty fork.

Photo: Cannondale Bicycles.

The new fork reportedly has new internal components which “increase the small bump sensitivity and high-speed suppleness of the fork.” Cannondale claims that the dual-crown single-leg design make this long-travel enduro fork both stiffer and lighter than the competition.

However, at first some of the riders helping develop the fork were skeptical. “Going into the SuperMax testing I was a bit apprehensive,” said mountain bike legend Mark Weir. “After I got on it and started riding, it is a difference you would have to ride to believe. I’ve been riding the same corners for 15 years, and I try to carry my speed through every time. On the SuperMax, I’ve never been faster.”

Mark Weir riding Cannondale's Supermax lefty fork. Photo: Cannondale Bicycles.

According to Cannondale, “the SuperMax will debut in the Enduro World Series under OverMountain team riders Mark Weir, Ben Cruz, Jason Moeschler and team newcomer Marco Osborne,” so stay tuned for more information about this fork.

(Watch the video here.)

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  • delphinide

    Technically, it’s a strut, since by definition forks bifurcate.

    Whatever it is, it’s awesome…I can’t believe they don’t snap in half and they just keep getting lighter and stronger. Good job Cannondale.

    • Greg Heil

      Yeah, that makes more sense… thanks for the clarification!

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