According to a recent article published on SFGATE.com, Marin County will begin enforcing a 15mph speed limit on mountain bike trails in their open space areas.

“Beginning this month, park rangers will be staking out open space areas where mountain bikers, hikers, dog walkers and horseback riders have been known to speak words to one another that are less than bucolic. Bikers speeding along the dirt paths where modern mountain biking was born will be eligible for tickets as part of a campaign to reduce friction between trail users.”

Singletrack at Camp Tamarancho, arguably the only decent, bike-legal singletrack trail in Marin. Photo: Greg Heil.

Singletrack at Camp Tamarancho, arguably the only decent, bike-legal singletrack trail in Marin. Photo: Greg Heil.

Exactly where the speed traps will be set is being kept secret, but the article makes it sound as if this will apply to Marin’s 34 Open Space areas. What isn’t mentioned in the article is how few bike-legal singletrack trails exist in Marin–there are two main ones, but neither of those are located on Open Space land.

So, it could be that this enforcement will take place solely on doubletrack trails and dirt roads, where mountain bikers can easily reach speeds well above 15mph on the descents without even trying. Or, it could be that Marin is using this claim of speed control enforcement as a ruse to get more rangers out into the trail system to better enforce current singletrack trail closures.

Either way, mountain bikers in Marin could soon be facing fines of “several hundred dollars” if caught riding over 15mph, and possibly worse if caught riding illegal trails.

One thing is clear: despite its claim as the birthplace of mountain biking, Marin continues to cement itself as one of the least mountain bike friendly places in the nation, if not the world.

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  • dgw2jr

    California has so much money to spend on frivolous crap like this.

  • Suvacrew

    This isn’t new, radar has been used in Skegg’s Point aka Rancho Corte Madera for years as well as the hills above Los Altos.
    Turn off the Heat map function on your Strava app…at least that stops the free view. Strava sells it’s data as Strava Metro for advocacy groups, which unfortunately can be parties on both sides of the issue……
    Imagine when a ranger rides those trails with Strava then looks at the leader board for some segments and seeing 40mph or over 50% of the riders are smoking the acknowledged speed limit.
    BTW, I’m guilty of not riding 15mph when ever I can.

  • PSIME84

    Well, I won’t be slowing down for ANYONE if that’s the case. 15 mph past you and your shitting all over the trail horse. Ticket that.

  • mongwolf

    Typical clueless political action. How pathetic. Sad to say, but it is to be expected in California. Now, let’s touch on another topic. If dog owners have to clean up their dogs’ droppings on trails, shouldn’t horse owners have to do the same.

  • mongwolf

    Wow, I’m soooooo glad I do not live in Marin County and have to deal with such stupidity directly. I definitely feel for those bikers who do live there.

  • C-Lo

    This would have to be the CRAZIEST crap I have heard in a while.

  • chipandpete@aol.com

    Once loudly celebrated as the birthplace of MTB’ing, it is now time for that reputation to be updated.

    Marin County, the birth… and death place of Mountain Biking.

    Death by ticketing and public shunning of a sport that other communities are widely embracing and welcoming. I hope the MTB community does it’s part and avoids going to, & spending any money in Marin County. Support the community by not supporting Anti-bike communities. I will never ride in Marin County, unless they change their “view” of MTB’ing. The MTB community is Vast. We have power in numbers. We must unite on important fronts. Don’t just support YOUR community. Help your neighbors fight their “evil communities” now, so Your community doesn’t end up an “evil community” later.

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