WTB Announces New 27.5+ Tire: The Trail Boss 3.0


Late last week WTB announced a new 27.5+ tire, the Trail Boss 3.0. The Trail Boss has always been a popular “all rounder” tire, and the 3.0 version promises to take things to the next level.

Compared to the WTB Trailblazers I tested earlier this year, the Trail Boss 3.0 is wider, with a truly rounded profile for improved cornering and transitions. My guess is, unlike the Trailblazer, the Trail Boss 3.0 was designed with true plus-size bikes in mind and not just 29er conversions. The Trail Boss 3.0 addresses my only beef with the Trailblazer 27.5+ tire (the lack of side knobs), so I’m excited to see how this tire performs on the trail!

The Trail Boss 3.0 tire is said to weigh 1125g and is tubeless-ready. Pricing and availability is TBD, but we’ll try to get the scoop at Interbike in a couple weeks. [update: Trail Boss 3.0 will be available in local shops starting in October.]

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