Personalize your MTB Gear with the Fasthouse Jersey ID Kit

Fasthouse will customize a mountain bike jersey with your name with their Jersey ID Kit.

Hailing from Valencia, California, the Fasthouse Bike Crew have designed some uniquely moto-inspired mountain bike threads. The current bike lineup parallels the brand’s vintage moto ethos, mixed with modern material technology and functional design. This mashup between moto and MTB gear is nothing new, but the way Fasthouse has spun their aesthetic thread and colorways certainly is.

In addition to creating good looking, robust clothing, Fasthouse has a Jersey ID Kit wherein they will print your name or nickname, and a number across the back of select jerseys. You can choose from 12 classic fonts, keep the Fasthouse logo or delete it, and make the letters and numbers solid or simply outlined.

The Jersey ID Kit gives riders the opportunity to add a hint of personality to their shirts, which for privateer racers could be a sly way to get your name in some of those epic post-race photos.

I don’t have a personal connection to numbers, so I requested a simple name print and I was stoked with how it turned out.

The short sleeve and long sleeve jersey options from Fasthouse both have a tighter “race cut” than a lot of jerseys I have worn. The fit of the size small shirt straddles the fence between tight and baggie clothing. Closer cut clothing like these jerseys can work well for riding fast and racing when you can’t afford to get caught or snagged on anything.

Both jerseys have a mesh fabric that covers either side of your torso and underarms to help you cool off, and both are made of 100% polyester. The main material weight is slightly sturdier than your average riding shirt, and it may be too warm for rides with a lot of elevation gain during the peak of summer’s heat.

Short sleeve jerseys retail for $45 and the longer sleeve versions bring the price up to $55. Adding just your name to the back adds $35 to the cost, while customizing with a name and number adds $45. It’s even possible to send in a jersey you already own for Jersey ID customization, but there’s no guarantee it’ll work if it’s not a Fasthouse jersey since other jerseys might use incompatible materials.

We would like to thank Fasthouse for sending the kit for review.