Feel Good, Ride Good: Pactimo Tellus Kit

The Pactimo Tellus off road biking kit is designed to flow without being overly baggy.

The Tellus kit is a new concept for Colorado-based Pactimo, focusing on off-road riding. Pactimo’s goal with line is to provide a kit that is simplistic and light, like their other well known cycling kits, but with a baggier design for gravel and mountain bikers. The items reviewed for this collection include the Tellus Short Sleeve Jersey, Tellus Shorts, and Tellus Bib Short Liner.

Pactimo Tellus Short Sleeve Jersey

The Tellus Jersey is made with a lightweight, 4-way stretch mesh.

Pactimo designed this jersey to be a trim fit so I sized up because I prefer a slightly baggier shirt while riding. The colors are bold and fun and look great on trail. The fit feels nice, and the back of the jersey is cut a bit longer than the front so it doesn’t ride up. The material is a super lightweight mesh with BreathLITE fabric in the armpits, providing extra airflow.

The mesh also feels surprisingly durable compared to other jerseys. I haven’t had any snags or loose strings after brushing against branches and twigs overhanging onto the trails. The tradeoff is I didn’t find this jersey to be as breathable as others in the torso, especially when paired with the bib liner. However, the fabric in the armpits does allow extra airflow. During hot Colorado days, this probably wouldn’t be my first choice in a top, but I expect it will be a great jersey for fall riding.

The Tellus jersey is offered in several different colors and patterns and is priced at $75.

Pactimo Tellus Shorts

Even though the Tellus jersey isn’t my favorite, the Tellus shorts are quite possibly the most comfortable bike shorts I’ve worn – and might be my new favorite. Being 5’2” usually means all bike shorts come to mid knee or lower. These fall just above my knee and the material is light, stretchy, and super breathable, making them great for on- and off-trail use.

The waist band includes an elastic belt with hooks that allow you to have the perfect fit in the waist. The shorts are designed with a light 37.5 Polyester and Spandex fabric that stretches with your movements without stretching out completely. The 37.5 technology is meant to regulate body temperature, keeping the rider cool during warm rides. Particles in the material help to remove sweat before it even forms into liquid droplets. I did several long days on the bike in these shorts and stayed super comfortable all day long. These are quickly becoming my go-to trail shorts, even for running and hiking.

The main drawback is that the pockets are pretty limited in size. Since this kit seems like it’s made for gravel and XC riding, there are minimal pockets, but the Tellus bib shorts have pockets in the rear big enough for a phone and a bottle. There are shallow zipper pockets on the legs suitable for keys, cards or other small items. Pactimo also added two external mesh pockets on the back that are perfect for small snacks. Overall, these shorts are great on and off the bike and are priced at $120.

Pactimo Tellus Bib Short Liner

The Tellus bib liner is designed with a nylon and spandex stretch fabric. This liner is incredibly lightweight and features a small footprint chamois that doesn’t get caught on the saddle (is there anything more annoying?). As mentioned above, it features three pockets on the back, and the middle one is large enough for a bottle or phone which makes up for the lack of pocket depth in the shorts if you don’t mind having your items there. I prefer to keep a water bottle on the frame though. The liners do also stick out slightly from under the shorts, which doesn’t really bother me, but looks a little goofy.

Overall, I found these to be very breathable and comfortable for long rides. They are priced at $115.

⭐️ View the full Tellus line with more colors and patterns at Pactimo.com.

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