POC Tectal Race Helmet Review

The Poc Tectal Race helmet is comfortable, the strap management system is superb, and it provides excellent coverage and protection.

The POC Tectal Race is POC’s top of the line, pro level, trail/enduro helmet.  This helmet is not cheap at $210 and weighs a hefty 345g, but it has a handful of features that make it well worth the dough.  It has an adjustable visor, built in goggle clip, and an adjustable fit system which is extremely comfortable.

I love the straps on this helmet. Helmet straps so often get all jumbled up and tangled and just plain don’t sit nicely on your cheeks. The POC Tectal Race has hands down the best strap system I have ever used. They never get all tangled up, are adjustable, and fall nicely on your face. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a smooth, clean system.

I love POC’s style. It’s simple yet bold. The finish of the POC Tectal Race is glossy, which looks really great, but leads to my only complaint about this helmet. The underside of the visor is glossy, like the rest of the helmet, and is actually so glossy that it is reflective. When I’m charging down the trail I see the reflection of where I’m going on the visor. I only see it with my peripheral vision but it is enough to distract me, which I don’t like. The glossy finish looks nice on the rest of the helmet but I need to paint the underside of the visor to prevent the profound reflection. It’s not a huge deal and definitely should not deter you from purchasing this helmet.