Turner Burner 650b: Mini Outerbike Review

In case you missed it, be sure to read Jeff’s longer (but still short) review of this bike here.

At Outerbike I got my chance to throw a leg over the Turner Burner 650b. Unlike the bike Jeff tested with Enve wheels, my test rig was equipped with Stan’s Arch 650b wheels, which are set to drop this month.

This bike is surprisingly fun to ride. If I had to describe it on one word it would be: balanced. It climbs well, descends well, pedals well on the flats. Steering is effortless and it handles trail obstacles with ease.

Photo Credit: turnerbikes.com

One thing I noticed was that this bike doesn’t like to handle steep, downhill technical sections slowly; the better approach is more speed. Maybe I’ve just gotten used to the way a 29er handles things, but in any event it was noticeable. (video)

It looks like the Burner is now available for purchase according to the Turner website. If you are in the market for an awesome trail / all mountain bike, you should definitely check this one out!