If you were on singletracks back in 2001 you might remember a site feature called “Sweet Bike.” To our surprise it actually became one of the most popular features on the site despite the basic capabilities at the time (see screen shot below). Well, Sweet Bike is back for 2009 and we’re stoked to fill you in!


Sweet Bike 1.0 circa 2001

With Sweet Bike 2.0 you can create a customized mountain bike using any one of the 700+ mountain bikes in our catalog as a starting point. From there you can choose to upgrade as much or as little as you like (wheels, suspension, drivetrain, etc.). Name you bike, give it a description, and get an idea about how many duckets your dream rig will set you back.

Beyond creating custom bikes, you can also review the Sweet Bikes others have created and share using various social media tools. Saved bikes are linked to your profile and on the individual component pages as well.


View Sweet Bikes using the “Customs” tab found on any gear page; Use the “Customize Bike” link in the dashboard on any bike page to get started

Use Sweet Bike to show off your current build or spec out your dream DH rig, an ultralight XC rocket, and that single speed 29er you’ve been wanting to build up. There are millions of possible combinations based on the bikes and components on the site right now and if there’s a part we’re missing, you can add it using this form.

We’re stoked to see where this goes – get started building your Sweet Bike now!

You can take a look at my Sweet Bikes: 1, 2, and 3. Or see all 3 on my profile page.

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