Singletracks Holiday Gift Guide for Mountain Bikers

What’s the one thing every mountain biker wants for Christmas? Easy, a new mountain bike. But unless you’re Donald Trump’s nephew, you probably aren’t going to get a mountain bike for Christmas. Still, there are plenty of other great mountain bike gifts we know we’d love to see under our trees this year. Heck, some of these items are so affordable we may just get them for our riding buddies too!

Ergon GP-1 Grips

Ergon GP-1 Grips are the perfect stocking stuffer for the endurance mountain bike rider in your family. At about $35 MSRP they won’t break the bank, yet as one of the three key contact points with the bike, grips are incredibly important. The Ergon grips are designed to help relieve stress on the hands and provide all-day comfort. For those riders who are more concerned with piling on a really high number of dirty miles in a day, this is where it’s at.

I just purchased a pair of these with some of my Christmas money this year in anticipation of the beginning of my dirty century training plan starting December 29. I can’t wait to slap these on the bike and get grinding!

– mtbgreg1

Spank Spike Pedal andCaneCreek DBAir

Spank pedals have taken the worst beating I have had the pleasure of giving a set of pedals–and they’re still running as smooth as new. I really like the design of this pedal; the pent shape, the thin, 12mm profile, and the chamfered ends give you extra clearance on the trail. The upshot: the Spike encourages itself to lift over softer obstacles like logs instead of digging in. At $125 MSRP these would make an awesome gift for any rider who rocks flat shoes.

The CaneCreek DBAir is a bit on the pricy side, but it’s hands down my personal favorite shock. The light weight of this shock belies the amazing spring-like feel it produces on the trail. The 4-way adjustments work as intended and are repeatable while the integrated bottle opener is just icing on the cake!

– element22

Twin Six Boneshaker Hoodie and Shimano XT Brakes

The Twin Six Boneshaker Hoodieismade in the USA. I need a new hoodie, and graymatches everything. My rigid single speed has been refered to as a ‘boneshaker’ so, I need this hoodie.

I’m also beyond fed up with my Avid brakes, and I want the new Shimano XT brakes so bad. Ice technology. Great ergonomic lever. No God-forsaken turkey gobble.

– dgaddis

Giro Women’s LA DND Gloves and Pearl Izumi Thermal Tights

The Giro LA DND gloves fit, well, like a glove! There’s no bunching or slipping. My hands stay warm and dry and the knuckle breaks make it easy to grip the handle bars. These are light enough to wear in late summer but warm enough for colder days as well. At $26 they’re a great stocking stuffer for your favorite biker chick!

I’d also LOVE to get a pair of Pearl Izumi Elite Thermal Cycling Tights ($125) this year. My current “winter” tights are an old pair of my boyfriend’s. Obviously they don’t fit very well and the baggy waist/hip material ends up getting caught on my bike seat when I stand up. A pair of women’s tights would be a fabulous gift to find under the tree…

– mtbikerchick

Club Ride New West Jersey

This summer I volunteered in the merch tent at the Atlanta New Belgium Fat Tire festival and that’s when I saw it: the Club Ride New West Jersey. This is a mountain bike jersey that looks just like your favorite western button-up shirt… but with all the performance features you’d expect from a mountain bike jersey like venting, zippered rear pockets, and wicking fabric. We sold out of our allotment of New West jerseys that day so this jersey has been on my wishlist ever since.

– jeff

Stan’s NoTubes Complete Conversion Kit $79.99

If your mountain biker hasn’t switched to tubeless yet, they are likely getting made fun of at the trailhead–and of course suffering from periodic flat tires. Let’s not make them endure it any longer! The Stan’s kit is admittedly a bit on the pricey side, but it includes everything needed to convert two wheels and finally lose the tubes. (And it’s a lot less expensive than new tubeless-ready wheels!)

Dakine Ventilator Gloves

It’s the end of the summer cycling season and your mountain biker’s gloves are most likely worn out. These gloves from Dakine ($35) are incredibly comfortable and offer excellent feel and control for handlebars, brakes, and shifters. They feature a velco closure at the top of the wrist, out of the way of normal movement, and get this: they are compatible with smart phone touch screens! No more taking off (and dropping) your glove when you’re consulting your GPS or answering a call. Watch for a full review of these gloves on the site, or grab a pair now and set your biker up for the coming season!

– corey

Your turn: What are you asking for–or giving–this year?

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