These Are the MTB Products You Didn’t Know You Needed

Think you've seen everything the mountain bike world has to offer? Think again. We've compiled a list of truly unique MTB products to add to your wishlist this holiday season.

Think you’ve seen everything the mountain bike world has to offer? Think again. We’ve compiled a list of truly unique products to add to your wishlist this holiday season.

Insta360 OneR Action Camera

Fixed POVs are great, but have you tried a 360° action camera? If you pride yourself as more of a creative who could benefit from the possibilities of a 360 cam and a multitude of mounts, then the Insta360 is worth trying. The price is comparable to other leading action cameras and the battery, image quality, and stabilization are top notch too.

MTB Hopper portable jump ramp

Photo: MTB Hopper/Amazon

This portable, adjustable ramp makes it easy to work on your progression at home, or anywhere really. Tilt the ramp up to make it a kicker, or get two and practice your doubles.

MTB Vibes Upcycled Bike Parts Jewelry

Photo: Joanna Yates

MTB Vibes is more than a jewelry brand, it’s a lifestyle! This one of a kind jewelry is made of upcycled bike parts combined with gold findings and modern shapes creating flashy, statement earrings for the badass lady shredder. Joanna Yates, owner and creator of Mountain Bike Vibes started the brand when she noticed that a lot of bike parts get thrown out and not recycled. “After working at Thunder Mountain Bikes I noticed that they get rid of a lot of bike parts that I could use to upcycle and make cool jewelry. I recycle used chains, tubes, and spokes to make jewelry that doesn’t look like it came from a dirty mountain bike.”

Mucky Nuts MugGuard Fender

What could be unique about a fender? Well, this one covers more of the front tire than others, allowing the rider to keep their eyes open for all of the slippery fun. It’s also made from recycled plastics, and the sturdy scoop is stiff enough that it stays quiet no matter how bumpy the trail becomes.

Nordic Pocket Chainsaw

Photo: Nordic Pocket Saw/Amazon

Downed trees can be a downer. With this handy pocket saw, you can cut up or drag away smaller trees and limbs that have fallen on the trail with your own two hands. Featuring teeth made of heat-treated, high-carbon steel, this pocket saw is small and light enough to carry in a backpack with a claimed weight of just 4.7 oz (for 25.6″ length).

  • MSRP $49.00.
  • Available at Amazon

Ombraz Leggero Armless Sunglasses

These sunglasses from Ombraz look like a normal pair of shades from the front. From the side, however, it’s clear something is missing, and for bikers, that’s a good thing. In place of temples, the Leggeros feature an adjustable cord to keep the lenses in place and on your face. Say goodbye to helmet-induced pinches and headaches, and keep your eyewear secure where it belongs, even on the roughest trails.

PNW Fern Kids Dropper Post

Chances are your kid’s bike doesn’t have a dropper post yet. Young riders can benefit just as much as the ‘rents, if not more so. Most of the kids we know like riding with their seats slammed low to make jumping and jibbing easier but as soon as the climbs begin it’s all frowns and grape jelly legs. The PNW Fern lets grownups put away the hex wrench during the ride and effectively ends the saddle battle. No more excuses kids, it’s time to climb.

POC Consort MTB Dungaree

Bib shorts and chamois are a thing for biking, so why not a pair of dungarees / overalls? These are sure to cover your crack and also make for good trail workwear.

Pro Internal Routing Tool

Betcha don’t have one of these in your toolbox. This nifty little tool seeks to prevent the tears associated with at-home internal cable routing. It also includes tools for working with electronic shifter and e-bike wires so it’s future-proof.

RevGrips Suspension Grips

RevGrips, essentially grips that move slightly fore and aft, somewhat akin to revving a dirt bike, though much less than you’re probably thinking. The primary purpose of the movement is to reduce hand fatigue and arm pump. As Rev notes on their website: “your hands are already moving on stationary grips.  This is why you’re getting blisters, hand fatigue, arm pump, etc.  You’re trying to grab a stationary object as your body is rattling around trying to hold on.”  RevGrips make it significantly easier to control your bike, hands moving the same as before, except with your grip instead of against it. The grips are made in the US, and are completely rebuildable.

Shred Til Bed – The MTB Animal Alphabet Book

Photos: Leah Barber

This ABC book from Kids Ride Shotgun will have your little shredder dreaming of dirt adventures! The bold colors and high-energy graphics make learning about animals–and bike riding–fun. The Seussian short rhymes are simple and catchy for beginner readers. Young riders might even learn all the mountain biking lingo before their first wheelie. And yes, there is an animal that starts with an X pictured doing a sick “x-up.”

Sprindex Adjustable Rate Coil Spring

The folks at Sprindex have created a coil spring that eloquently allows riders to change the spring rate without touching any tools.

Topeak Versa Mounts

Photo: Jeff Barber

Topeak Versa Mounts make adding a bottle cage to any frame or fork easy. The plastic ratcheting straps and rubber sleeves go easy on painted parts and they hold better than similar products we’ve seen. Pair a pair of mounts with a Topeak Ninja bottle cage to handle tool and tire lever storage for next-level stashing.

  • MSRP: $11.95.
  • Find at Amazon.

Trailmaps Art Prints

Photo: Trailmaps/Etsy

Most of the mountain bikers we know are maps geek too. These handmade trail map prints by feature popular riding spots in the UK and around the world with so much information, simplified and beautified. Put it in a frame and bam, you’re a grown-up with sophisticated taste, even if it is hanging above a futon.

  • Starting at $20.76 (unframed). Available at Etsy.

Yakima Hangover 6

Big group rides are coming back! This big bike rack from Yakima holds six bikes vertically and mounts to your vehicle’s tow hitch. Now the only question is how — and if — you’re going to fit all those sweaty butts inside for the drive to the trailhead.

  • MSRP: $799
  • Sold at REI.