Review: Marzocchi Transfer Dropper Post

A review on the Marzocchi Transfer mountain bike dropper post.

Now that we’re all up on the fact that Marzocchi is making forks again, let’s talk about another suspension product they’ve introduced to their lineup, the Transfer dropper post.

Yes, Fox has a dropper seat post called the Transfer. Yes, Fox owns Marzocchi now. Yes, the Marzocchi Transfer is the same exact seat post as the Fox Transfer, but with a different name etched into it.

Whereas the differences between the Fox and Marzocchi forks are more clear to buyers, the difference in these posts is only in the name.


  • 100mm/125mm/150mm travel options
  • Remote options for left or right side of handlebar (1x or 2/3x compatible)
  • Cable-actuated
  • 30.9mm or 31.6mm size options
  • External or internal routing options
  • Weight: 364g for the 150mm travel, 31.6mm diameter post, plus 16g for the 1x lever
  • MSRP: $294 + $65 remote

I found installation to be pretty breezy for the most part, aside from the initial cable set up and routing through the tubes. Immediately after the installation was complete, the dropper post worked as intended.

I tested the 30.9mm size, 150mm travel option on my Guerrilla Gravity Megatrail. Sizing up from my previous 125mm setup was a blessing and allowed me more clearance when descending and a better position for climbing, rather than trying to pick a spot that works for both.

The Marzocchi Transfer seatpost modulates well via the thumb trigger. I used the left side remote made for a 1x drivetrain system. With a little bit of pressure it comes up more slowly, and with a good push, the post will shoot up quickly.

Pressing down on the remote and dropping your hips will move the seat down quickly without any noticeable stiction.

After more than three months, I haven’t had any issues with the seat post, aside from a few millimeters of side-to-side play, which is common with most dropper posts. Other than that, it is as operational as the day it was installed. To be fair, with dropper posts it can often take much longer than three months for problems to develop.

That being said, the Marzocchi Transfer seems to be a solid post.


I don’t have any complaints about the post itself, but it is inconvenient how Marzocchi and Fox sell the Transfer remote. I can’t be sure why a dropper post remote costs $65 and isn’t included with the seat post at least initially, when other brands offer upgrade remotes that are similar to the Transfer remote for close to $30. This puts the total cost of the post and remote at $360.

It seems that a lot of brands sell only the seat post alone and the remote is sold separately so that buyers can mix and match, but there are other posts in this price range that include a remote.


The Marzocchi Transfer seat post is a premium dropper that performs well and seems like it will be issue-free for a long time to come.

⭐️ Find the Marzocchi Transfer post online at and other online retailers.

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