Oury Grips Adds a Single-side Lock-on Option

Whether on a jet ski, BMX, or mountain bike, most of us have had a chance to grab some OURY grips since William Oury started the company in Colorado back in 1968. The bright color spectrum and signature gummy feel are a classic on the trails, and today they have some updates to share.

The latest OURY V2 grips (available at Competitive Cyclist) will have a single lock-on clamp to tighten them in place, rather than the bulky dual ring system of yore. Their beloved slide-on option will still be available in this V2 style, where the grips add a little length for broader hand position selection.

You can pick up a set in Jet Black, Candy Red, Graphite, Blaze Orange, Deja Blue for $29.99 at Lizard Skins, Competitive Cyclist, and other retailers.

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