Bontrager Teams up With Plastix on New Recycled MTB Grips

Bontrager has a new line of three different mountain bike grips on offer, with plastic cores made from recycled materials. The brand has partnered with Plastix, a Danish plastic collection and recycling company that specializes in turning maritime plastic waste into new products. Plastix claims that using their Green Plastic “means reducing the Eco-Footprint of your product by up to 82% CO2 emissions in comparison to virgin plastic.” 

The XR Trail Pro grip has a slightly thicker 32mm diameter and dual lock-on clamps to keep it tight. It’s available in black for $34.99. The XR Trail Elite option is pared down to a 31mm diameter and single lock-on clamp, with hardened end caps designed to hold up when you lay the bike down. The Elite model comes in four different colors for $24.99. Bontrager’s value focused XR Trail Comp grips also measure at a 31mm diameter with a single lock-on clamp and recycled plastic core. The Trail Comp comes in five colors and retails for $14.99.

“A grip core is a small thing,” said Michael Fitch, Trek’s Director of Product for Essentials. “But small things can add up to something meaningful. We believe in Plastix’ vision for a circular economy for plastic, where this material is never considered waste, and we’re excited to partner with them on this essential step.”