Ergon’s new GFR1 Grips are Slimmer Than Previous Models

Developed with input from Canyon DH racer Tahnée Seagraves and her brother Kaos, these new 30mm diameter mountain bike grips are among the narrowest from Ergon.
Ergon GFR1 grips

Ergon has a new grip on offer called the GFR1 (grip-free-ride). Developed with input from Canyon DH racer Tahnée Seagraves and her brother Kaos, the 30mm diameter grips are notably narrower than most other models that the German touch-point product designers at Ergon have created. GFR1 pairs come in two models, with the regular set retailing for $34.95 in black only, and the grippier GFR1 Factory model going for an additional $5 with Frozen Stealth or Team FMD Racing Oil Slick (rainbow) lockring colorways.

Ergon GFR1 grips

Regarding the varied grip pattern, Ergon says that “the lower grip zone (finger) is strongly pronounced to keep gripping forces at a minimum when lifting the front wheel. The slim inner stop further assists in finding the right hand position while still providing free shifter access.”

I have been riding with the new grips on my hardtail for about a month now and I love the consistent shape and sticky feel of the soft rubber. I wear size large gloves and prefer my fingers to just barely touch my palm after wrapping he grip. The GFR1 cylinders allow for this full wrap, and as a result I can hold on a little looser and save some forearm energy. With sweaty summer palms that hand-traction fades fast against my bare skin, and I definitely prefer grabbing these with gloves on.

Ergon GFR1 grips

Head over to Ergon to add some rainbow to your handlebars.

Thanks to Ergon for providing samples to test.

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