Nuun Active Hydration


I’ve been using Nuun Active Hydration tablets ($19.50 for a 3 pack) for a while and just wanted to give a quick heads up on this product. Unlike other tablets on the market, these babies can be used in your hydration pack without fear of growing a funky science experiment. The Nuun tablets are also crazy easy to use, no measurements required – just pop in one tablet for every 500ml of water in your hydration pack. For instance, I have a 3L pack so I pop 6 tablets in and go.

Nuun tablets add a little flavor to your water but more importantly they deliver a combination of fundamental minerals and electrolytes that promote hydration during exercise. The tablets also feature a catalyst to speed up the absorption of water while you’re active. The best part? No added carbohydrates or sugars means no harsh crash later.

Now everyone is different so I won’t offer any performance claims however I can tell you that I didn’t feel any worse off using Nuun. I actually felt pretty good on rides when I used Nuun and I enjoyed all the flavors I tried including lemon+lime, tri-berry and banananuun. I was also happy that cleaning my hydration pack was not an issue; a simple rinse with water (and occasionally some dish soap) left the pack without a sticky mess afterward.

If you’re interested in more details, check out the Nuun website.

Cheers folks and happy trails.