NiteRider DIY Software & Magellan ToughCase iPhone Mount

New mountain bike tech.

Ok, so we don’t do a lot of product “previews” like this but two MTB products caught our attention this week and we wanted to share. Hopefully within the next few months we’ll get an opportunity to go hands-on to give you the deets.

NiteRider DIY Software


Maximizing existing mountain bike light systems involves trading off light output (lumens) with battery life and until now riders were forced to accept pre-packaged settings from the manufacturers. In the latest Pro models from NiteRider, engineers have added a software layer to the lighting hardware so riders can customize output and run-time to fit the trails and conditions they’re riding. Riders can even come up with their own flash modes and can store up to 4 custom lighting programs for quick access on the trail! Read more at

Magellan ToughCase for iPhone


We recently wrote about a handlebar mount for the iPhone and while it works pretty well we’re still a little sketched out about crunching our phone on the trail. Enter the ToughCase from Magellan. At first we thought this was just a really beefy case but it also incorporates a high accuracy GPS chipset to augment the phone’s GPS capabilities PLUS a built-in power supply to keep you juiced on epic rides.

The case is waterproof yet all the phone’s touch screen capabilities are still available while the phone is inside its case. Magellan offers multiple mounting solutions, including a handlebar mount, though there’s no word on whether it comes with an iPhone replacement guarantee. 🙂