Ninja Stoke Bike Stand Earns Style Points [Review]

The Ninja MTB Performance Stoke bike stand holds bikes securely, and with a stylish design.

Ninja MTB Stoke Bike Stand

If you’re a mountain biker, chances are you don’t let just anyone hold your bike, unless they’re a rider too. The folks at Ninja Mountain Bike Performance are clearly riders — their coast-to-coast MTB skills clinics are wildly popular — so I decided to put my trust in their new Stoke adjustable bike stand at home.

Stoke bike stand assembly and construction

The Stoke (not to be confused with The Stoke) is made from laminated plywood that’s been treated for indoor or outdoor use. It ships flat and no tools are required for assembly. The nifty design is easily adjustable to accommodate almost any tire size from skinny road tires to fat bike tires using a plastic turn knob.

I enjoy woodworking and have built a few bike racks out of wood over the years, but I have to admit none look as good as this one, and none of them are this adjustable. Ninja even links to one of the DIY bike storage projects Singletracks shared years ago, saying the Stoke adjustable bike stand “is a great alternative to DIY bike stands, which can be unstable and difficult (or impossible) to adjust.” No offense taken; we stopped using that DIY bike storage rack years ago for that very reason.

Building bike racks out of 2x4s does save some money but the end result tends to be ugly and not something your roommate or significant other will be stoked to have inside the house. The Stoke bike stand, on the other hand, has a great modern look, and it’s available in red, blue, and black (tested). Because the Stoke comes unassembled you still get that DIY satisfaction without the mess of sawdust.

Bike stand versatility

Aside from being easy to assemble and adjust, the Ninja MTB Performance Stoke bike stand can be used a couple different ways, depending on your bike storage situation. The most obvious use (to me, anyway) is to park the rear wheel in the stand the way bikes are usually merchandised in a retail shop.

Alternatively, the stand is stable enough to park bikes front-wheel first. Either way, the bike takes up the same amount of space, but if you want to maximize floor space for parking multiple bikes, alternating between front-in and rear-in parking is the way to go.

For even more space savings, the Stoke bike stand will support a bike leaned against the wall. I found I needed to set the stand a couple feet away to keep the bike stable. With the addition of a hook or strap on the wall you could push the stand closer to the wall to make the most out of your space.

Pros and Cons of the Ninja MTB Performance Stoke bike stand


  • Easy to assemble
  • Adjusts to fit most bikes
  • Versatile
  • Quicker and easier than DIY


  • More expensive than DIY
  • Need one for each bike
  • To maximize storage space in vertical mode, you need to add a hook or strap to your wall

Bottom line

The Ninja MTB Performance Stoke bike stand is a good-looking bike storage solution that I trust to hold my bike while I’m not riding it.