DIY: Make Your Own Chain Slap Silencer

Tired of hearing your bouncing chain chipping away at your paint? Keep your bike quiet with a few simple materials.

Rubberized chain slap guards/silencers have caught on shortly after Specialized incorporated a clever guard to break up chain-on-chainstay contact. Fear not, if your bike doesn’t have one. It’s easy to make something similar. Check out this video for a modern take on an age-old trick.



  • Measure and cut a long piece of mastic tape according to your chainstay length.
  • Get an eagle eye view of where your chain meets your chainstay, and wrap the piece of mastic tape down the chainstay where your chain is likely to hit. Rub the tape down and around the chainstay for a good fit.
  • Cut a few smaller (1-1.5″) pieces of the mastic tape to make ridges along the longer piece of mastic tape and apply.
  • Cut a piece of inner tube for your chainstay, and cut it down the middle. Lay the long piece of tube flat, and start wrapping it around the chainstay. No tape is needed at first. Start by the seat tube, and tuck the beginning of the tube under the wrap, and keep wrapping.
  • Apply some electrical tape around the end of the wrap, near the axle. Add a zip tie around the electrical tape for more security.
  • Enjoy a more quiet bike!