Moots Updates the Routt Gravel Bike for 2021

Moots is rolling out updated versions of their Routt gravel bike featuring frame clearance for wider tires and a slacker head tube for improved descending capability. The new Routts are designed around gravel-specific drivetrains from SRAM and Shimano, and will come in two flavors: Routt 45 and Routt YBB.

The Routt 45

The Moots Routt 45 boasts clearance for 50mm-wide tires while maintaining the same chainstay length as the previous version. Mountain bikers won’t be surprised to learn the bike is also slacker (head tube angles are 70.25-71.5°, depending on size) and longer, and comes with a shorter stem and wider bars than earlier builds. The frame sports three water bottle mounts and fender eyelets on the fork and frame for muddy days in the saddle.

The Routt YBB

With similar angles and tire clearances to the updated Routt 45, the Routt YBB incorporates Moots’ softtail, micro-suspension design that’s been around since the 1990s. While 20mm of rear suspension may not sound all that impressive, it should be plenty to eliminate rough road and trail chatter without adding a lot of weight or complexity to the bike.

Of course both bikes are hand welded using high quality titanium tubes, which promises to result in lightweight and supple gravel bike builds.

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