Moots MootoXz Interbike Test Ride


The Moots MootoXz offers an embarassment of riches: it’s a 29er, made of titanium, full-suspension, and it’s built in Steamboat Springs, CO. If you’re imagining a super plush ride that can climb like a gazelle you’re not too far off…

The interesting thing to note about the MootoXz is that the rear suspension doesn’t have a pivot at the dropout. Instead, the titanium chain stays are designed to flex just enough to give you a full 4-inches of travel. The design also helps tame pedal bob by stiffening the rear aluminum triangle.

On the trail I can tell you this bike descended like a champ, making washboard trails feel ironing board smooth. The extra wide cockpit offers added control over the large 29″ wheels through tight turns and switchbacks.

Moots is doing some innovative things beyond the FS 29er as well. The Mooto-X YBB is a soft-tail bike with just over an inch of rear travel that rides like a cross between a hardtail and a full suspension rig. Since all their bikes are made from titanium, Moots is able to let the frame material do some of the work of typical pivot points. Simple is good.


Finally, I found out a little more about the Gristle or the “old 96er” as it’s referred to (fans of the movie the Great Outdoors will get this reference). This bike melds a 29er front end onto a regular old 26″ full suspension rear end to give riders the best of both worlds. I plan on getting pics of this bike once the floor show opens later this week – stay tuned for more!

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