April Fools’: JVC America Announces Subwoofer MTB Wheels

FoundrywoofersSpeaker manufacturer JVC took a giant leap forward in powering your ride with tunes this week when they announced their new mountain bike rims that are gigantic bass-booming subwoofers, shown above on one of our favorite bikes, the Foundry Broadaxe.

Though the wheels will certainly be heavy, they’ll thrill and delight everyone on the trail. Everyone for miles around will get to bump along to your favorite tunes.

“These wheels are going to revolutionize casual mountain bike riding,” said Jean Van Cleef, president and founder of JVC. “No longer is rich, booming bass something only cars can provide. Now your bike is a dubstep concert!”

Unfortunately, we haven’t gotten our hands on a test pair yet, but the manufacturers say they’re powered by a small battery in a hydration pack which also houses ultra loud tweeters to add that high end crispness that your music deserves. They’ll be bluetooth compatible as well, for easy setup.

Van Cleef says they’ll MSRP at around $800 for the set, which is not cheap, but your riding partners and strangers alike will thank you for making riding even more fun. Send us a test pair, JVC!

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