Holiday Gift Guide for Mountain Bikers

If you’re looking for a unique or inexpensive gift to give a mountain biker this year, you’re in the right place: this year’s holiday gift guide features some great finds! Here is the gear the Singletracks blog team is hoping to find under their Christmas trees.

Mountain Bike Bar Mitts ($64.95)


I recently moved to a cold place. With climate in mind that leaves me two choices for riding in the extreme dead of winter: don’t do it or gear up appropriately. As shown in one of my first posts from the arctic north, I have Bar Mitts for my cyclocross/commuter bike. The same company also makes neoprene hand protectors for mountain bike bars, and that’s the missing link in my quest to rail the trails far into the saddest, darkest time of year. -Luke_E

Velo Stickers Bike Name Stickers ($17.95)

I’ve always wanted to ride like a pro mountain biker, though sadly it looks like that ship has already sailed. Still, I can look like a pro with a 10-pack of personalized Velo Stickers! Slap these on your bike fleet to ID your rig in a crowd (like at the Snake Creek Gap Time Trial bike drop off) or to look like a team rider. I like the simple, white American Flag version but for an additional fee you can even customize stickers for your club or team. -trek7k

Incredibell Brass Duet ($12)

If I were asking for a bike part for Christmas it would be a bell. Wait – don’t leave! Hear me out first. I have a bell on my single speed, a Brass Duet that makes a wonderful “DA-DING” noise (you can hear it on the website linked above). I bought it to use for races to let people know I’m approaching and would like to pass when I’m riding too hard to talk in complete words/sentences (which happens a lot when climbing on the SS). But I ended up leaving it on my bike all the time, because, well, it’s a lot of fun. Seriously. Doesn’t matter who you’re riding with, or how tired they are, or how much they’re suffering up a climb, whenyou ring a bell, everyone smiles, everytime, guaranteed. Now I just need one for my geared bike. -dgaddis

Trail Building Tools (from $29)

High on my mountain bike wish list this Christmas are a couple of trail building tools. While riding a mountain bike is fun, designing, building, and then riding a trail is even more fun! In order to make my hand-built-trail dreams a reality, I’m asking for a Pulaski and a McLeod in my stocking this Christmas (yes, I have a very large stocking). A Pulaski is great for breaking up hard soil, chipping in bench cuts, de-berming trails, and clearing out awkward roots, small trees, and branches. The McLeod is the perfect tool for raking sticks and leaves out of the trail tread, nicking low points, and finishing the tread by grading the outside edge with the blade. If you can only have two trail tools, pick the Pulaski and the McLeod for their incredible versatility! -mtbgreg1

Spank Spike Pedals ($125)

The Spank Spike is a great stocking stuffer for anyone who just loves the feel of a good quality flat pedal. Now that special someone (yeah, you’re special too) can rest assured that these pedals can take serious, long-term abuse on the slopes. The Spike represents a big leap in pedal design with an ultra thin profile, forged body, and an IGUS bushing and inner bearing. The added spin adjustment is the cherry on top, allowing the rider to select how much free spin he wants. -element22

Smartphone Cases and Mounts (from $29)

If you don’t know what to get someone, a smartphone accessory is usually a safe pick. I’ve been looking for a safe and convenient way to use my iPhone on the trail and this year a couple products caught my eye. Topeak makes a Bicycle Handlebar Mount iPhone Drybag ($29.99) that can be mounted to your handlebars or stem to keep your phone dry and secure during the ride. The Optrix HD Sport case ($79.99) transforms your iPhone into a mountable helmet camera for capturing video footage on the trail, though sadly it’s only available for pre-orders at the moment. Throw in an app store gift card and you can turn an ordinary smart phone into a trail-ready GPS, helmet camera, and point and shoot camera that also happens to make phone calls. You know, in case you need to dial 911 after a nasty crash. 🙂 -trek7k

Santa Cruz V10 Carbon ($3,350, frame only)

OK, so you won the lottery or got a fat Christmas bonus and want to get a kickass gift. Well the Santa Cruz V10 Carbon fits that bill nicely. For starters, the V10 totally destroys the perception people have about what DH bikes should look, feel, and ride like. Forget the fact that you could easily build it to less than 33lbs. Nevermind the 10 inches of VPP travel and all the other technical highlights that Santa Cruz packs into this puppy. This bike just looks sexy under the tree – super clean and not a weld in sight on the main triangle. Built up you’re looking at a $7,000 World Cup level gravity ride! -element22

Schwalbe Muddy Mary and Big Betty Tires (starting at $52)

If you’re the kind of rider who finds himself spending a lot of time pointing downhill, I have two great tires for you: the Muddy Mary and Big Betty. Both ladies offer great traction and, depending on compound choice, will trade off tread wear for increasing levels of traction. A good choice for most will be the Trail star compound or the even longer-lasting Pace Star. These beastly tires range in cost from $52 – $89 dollars each. -element22

What’s on your Christmas wishlist this year?


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