GoPro Announces New Lower-Cost Camera: HERO+


GoPro announced the new HERO+ action camera today and priced at $199, the company markets this as “the perfect entry-level GoPro + Wi-Fi.” The “plus Wi-Fi” bit refers to the fact that the HERO+ includes both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, unlike the plain HERO which retails for just $129.

With Wi-Fi, the HERO+ can connect to the company’s smartphone app, enabling editing and sharing right from the trail. The HERO+ is also compatible with Bluetooth accessories like the GoPro Smart Remote. Like the HERO, the HERO+ shoots 1080p video but at 60 frames per second instead of 30. The HERO+ also adds 8 megapixel stills compared to just 5 megapixel stills on the plain HERO.

Look for retail and online availability starting this Sunday, Oct. 4. For more info, check out this release from GoPro.

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