Finish Line Lubes, Gear Floss, and Portable Cleaning System

Cleaning and lubing your mountain bike is about as exciting as waiting in the doctor’s office but it’s one of the most important things you can do to maintain your bike and parts over the long haul. Finish Line has devoted themselves to making the whole process as painless as possible and element22 and I got a chance to see the latest at Interbike last month.


Choosing the right lube for the job can be overwhelming for first-timers because there are so many choices: wet, dry, or wax; ceramic or teflon; lube or grease. Finish Line recognizes this and has created an easy guide to finding the right lube that also covers how and where to apply lubrication. For example: dry lubes go on wet and are best for dry, dusty conditions but they aren’t water resistant. Look for the guides in your local bike shop or check out the info, including videos, posted online.

At the show Finish Line showed off their entire line of ceramic lubes and greases which all boast some impressive nano-engineered features (that chemistry stuff is over my head for sure).

Gear Floss

Ever wish you had a tool for cleaning those hard to reach places on the bike like between derailleur pulleys or cassette rings? If so you might want to check out a new product called Gear Floss from Finish Line. The microfiber rope won’t fray and is super easy to use. Each package contains 20 ropes so you can toss ’em after they get all gunked up.

Easy Pro Cleaning System

Finish Line also showed off a prototype of an all-in-one portable bike cleaning system called the Easy Pro. With built-in tanks for water and cleaning solution, a sprayer, air compressor, and tool holder this is the perfect item for those who live in a condo or apartment where there isn’t a place to wash and maintain your bike. No word on a release date or a final feature list but definitely keep your eyes on this item.

Cleaning and lubing isn’t rocket science but it’s important to the long term health and reliability of your mountain bike. Check out the full line of products from Finish Line to get your mountain bike winterized and ready for next spring!

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