Feel Good, Ride Good: Sombrio Sender Shoes

The Sombrio Sender bike shoes offer good grip and style to boot.
Photos: Daniel Palma

The Sombrio Women’s Sender shoes are designed with every day riding in mind.

Whatever you’re doing on your bike, these shoes are designed to offer support and protection. But will they grip? Of course they will, with their rubber sole that’s lined with micro crampons to keep those flats from sliding around when the trails get bumpy. The reinforced toe and heel area offer protection and will inspire confidence when you need to put a foot down on a tight corner.

There are perforations on the side of the shoes and at the toe area for breathability. Though these are appreciated, things can still get hot inside the shoe on any sunny day. For those who prefer heftiness over breathability, then these shoes are for you. I can see these being the perfect shoes out in the bike park and short enduro-style rides. 

I will say that these shoes felt very comfortable right off the bat. With a wide and roomy toe box, they should be great for people with wider feet. The strategically-placed, reinforced toe and heel areas offer plenty of protection for all day riding without adding too much extra material. The extra reinforcement not only protects your feet but also protects the shoe from getting worn down on those areas that are prone to getting hit/scraped/etc by anything on the trails. The soles are stiff and rigid to help with pedaling power and increased pedal feel while still being fairly flexible for hike-a-bike moments.

The lace closure button keeps the flat laces in place and out of the way, helping you focus more on your ride and worrying less about the laces coming undone and getting stuck in your drivetrain. 

These shoes are made out of the synthetic PU leather, making them lightweight, water resistant, easy to clean, and most importantly, offering strength and durability. 

A quick note is Sombrio’s shoe sizing doesn’t include half sizes, so you may have to round up or down, one-half size. Their Euro sizing goes from 36-41 (US Women’s size 6-10). I usually wear a US Women’s size 7.5, so the EU size 39 (US 8) fits me well with a bit of wiggle room in the toe area. 

These shoes are a great choice if you’re looking for a solid year-round pair to take to your local trail, local dirt jumps, bike park, and a post-ride stroll to your nearest Sushirrito. While I would consider these on the hot side of the shoe spectrum, I would still pick these for their protection, grippy soles, and simplistic low cut style.

MSRP: $90
Colors: Nu Navy (tested), Black

⭐️ Find the Sender Shoes at Sombrio.com or Moosejaw.

Thank you Sombrio for providing these shoes for testing.

The Feel Good, Ride Good series is an effort to help women find mountain bike gear and clothing that just feels right. We recognize women have different body shapes, styles, and needs so we hope to help them discover women’s products that fit those unique requirements so we can just focus on the ride. While we are all different, we all want gear that fits, that works, and matches the energy and personality we bring to the bike. We’ll be back on #FeelGoodFriday with more women’s MTB products

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