Enve Builder Round-up: Mountain Bike Highlights

The Enve Builder Round-up showcases handbuilt mountain bike builds from some of the best US builders.

The Enve Builder Round-up is taking place virtually this week, modeled loosely on the North American Handmade Bicycle Show where boutique bike frame builders show off their latest creations. Enve pulled out all the stops with an interactive website where viewers can “walk” the floor, watch video interviews with the builders, and drool over every detail through professional photos. Naturally all the builds utilize Enve wheels, cockpits, and forks whenever possible.

There are 23 bikes to check out, many of which fall into the category of drop bar mountain bike / bikepacking rig / gravel bike. Still, there are proper hardtails as well and at least one full suspension mountain bike. View part 1 of the round up here, and part 2, just posted today, here.

A few select mountain bike highlights are featured below. All photos courtesy enve.com.

Retrotec Funduro singlespeed 29er.
Sage Powerline.
Calfee Designs.
Firefly Cycles.
Alliance mixed-wheel mountain bike.
Bingham Built 27.5+ bikepacking rig.

For more details about each of these bikes, head over to the Enve Builder Roundup.