Custom America-Themed Guerrilla Gravity Megatrail

Photo: Chris Amato/Hound Creative

Sixes Pit, a bike shop located about 40 miles north of Atlanta, GA, sent over these photos from their latest “Project6” custom build based around a Guerrilla Gravity Megatrail frame. The idea behind their Project6 program is to build a customer’s dream bike. Each component is hand-picked, and no detail is overlooked. Sixes Pit is owned by Angel Rivera, and I reached out with a few questions about his shop and the build.

Gregg Howard (left), mechanic Buli (center), and owner Angel Rivera (right) (photo: Chris Amato/Hound Creative)

Aaron Chamberlain, Tell us a little bit about your shop.

Angel Rivera, Sixes Pit: Sixes Pit Bicycle Shop is located in Canton, GA, just five minutes from Blankets Creek. Sixes Pit has been around for over 3 years now. We like to do things different. We feel we have the most inviting environment around and are often referred to as the “Cheers” of bike shops, where everybody knows your name. You will often find someone having a beer while waiting for a repair or find yourself meeting someone new by just hanging around. Of course we provide the highest level of service and bicycles sales. Whether you’re on the mountain or on the road we gotcha.

Aaron: What is your Project6 (P6) Custom program?

Angel: Project6 is a full custom program that gives the customer an opportunity to build their dream. Of course any shop can build a custom bike, but we take it further. We will contact vendors and painters to make sure colors match and blends are done correctly.

Another of Sixes Pit Project6 builds, a Ti Kona Honzo

Aaron: What’s the story behind this particular build? Who’s it for? What are the specs and custom touches?

Angel: The P6 ‘Merica build was built for Gregg Howard (Old Man Racing). He is a vet who is heavily involved with SORBA Woodstock/Bike Patrol. Oh, and he is 75 years old and will do circles around most on the trails. We thought it was suitable for him.

Gregg Howard, proud owner of the GG Megatrail (photo: Chris Amato/Hound Creative)

We tried to build it using only American-made parts. MRP Ribbon fork with Push shock. The wheels are Buli Built by Sixes Pit. SRAM Eagle drivetrain. Ritchey bar. Thomson stem and seatpost. I would say the paint job, custom stickers, and badges [are custom touches]. Mixing up the wheel hoop colors is also rad.

P6 badge (photo: Chris Amato/Hound Creative)

Aaron: What’s your favorite part of this particular build?

Angel: I would have to say the color blend with matching wheels.

photo: Chris Amato/Hound Creative

Aaron: If someone wants to work with you on a custom build, how should they get in touch?

Angel: We just updated our website. It has all the details.

photo: Chris Amato/Hound Creative
photo: Chris Amato/Hound Creative
photo: Chris Amato/Hound Creative
photo: Chris Amato/Hound Creative
photo: Chris Amato/Hound Creative

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