Devinci Wooky Carbon SL – Outerbike Review

One of the cool things about events like Outerbike is being able to try something you normally wouldn’t. For me that meant taking a spin on a carbon hardtail race bike that retails for a bit north of $5,000.

Enter the Devinci Wooky SL carbon 29er hardtail.

A recent news article referenced by MarcS claimed that the Ibis Mojo is the “Porsche of mountain bikes.” I respectfully disagree. The Devinci Wooky Carbon SL is definitely a more fitting candidate for this title.

Everything about this bike is fast. However the geometry is slightly less steep than other race bikes I have seen and ridden, resulting in snappy handling that is still confident on rough downhill sections.

The XT drivetrain and brakes perform flawlessly, and the Easton EA70 XCT wheels are just as stiff as the set I have on my personal bike.  The 2×10 gearing provides pure acceleration in both front chainrings, without giving up too much top speed in the bigger ring.

The carbon frame and cockpit combined with 29er wheels all work together to make this a comfortable bike that accelerates quickly, handles smartly, rides smoothly, and just destroys fast singletrack.

As a hardtail and at the aforementioned $5,000+ price tag, this is not a bike for everyone. However if you race a lot or you’re gunning for a spot on the 2016 Olympic team, you should take a test ride on this bike. It is the perfect tool for dissecting any XC course.

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