Charge your GPS or iPod on the trail

A bike-mounted charger uses wind to juice electronic devices.

bike-fan-generator.jpgAs if carrying your iPhone on the MTB trail wasn’t geeky enough, now you can CHARGE your iPhone on the trail using only the wind rushing over your handlebars: Meet the HY Mini Wind Turbine. Just attach the HY Mini to your bike and as long as your speed relative to the wind is over 19mph for 20 minutes you’ll get enough juice to power your iPod for 30 minutes. You’ll get power at speeds as slow as 9mph but I’m guessing that might be a losing proposition (20 minutes of pedaling just to get 10 minutes of iPod just doesn’t seem so great).

I know I take a fair amount of tech out on the mountain bike trail but I’m generally pretty careful to make sure everything (GPS, phone, camera) is charged up before I head out. The HY Mini could really come in handy in an emergency though – ya know, just in case you lose the trail and that 4 hour epic ride becomes an overnighter 😉