Singletracks Mobile for iPhone


In the past 30 days alone, nearly 3,000 visits to were on an iPhone or iPod Touch (plus hundreds more on other handheld devices). If you were one of those visitors, you probably had a hard time reading the site without zooming and panning so we decided to do something about it. Meet singletracks mobile v1.0.

The new mobile site has all our trail and gear reviews in a no-frills package that’s easy to read and navigate on just about any portable device. Just hit on your phone and you’ll automatically be redirected to the mobile site ( Simple.

Perhaps the coolest feature (iPhone only) is the ability to find the nearest mountain bike trails no matter where you are. The site taps into the iPhone’s integrated GPS to find bike trails within 25 miles of your coordinates and returns an ordered list in seconds. We know there is at least one iPhone app out there that claims to do the same thing but it’s clunky and it costs $$. Singletracks mobile is free, fast, and isn’t a silly app. It’s a webpage. (if you use Firefox 3.5 or higher you can give this feature a try on your desktop)

Our heads are full of ideas for future mobile enhancements so stay tuned for more!