Breaking News: Breezer, Fuji Parent Company Buying Performance Bike

photo: Google Street View
photo: Google Street View

Advanced Sports International (ASI) announced today that they are buying mega US bicycle retailer Performance Bicycle. While the ASI name may not be familiar to most mountain bikers, their stable of bike brands–including Breezer, Fuji, and SE–are fairly well known. Performance Bicycle brings its own stable of gear brands to the table as well, including Nashbar, Spin Doctor, and Forte.

Many consumers will note that Performance has been selling most, if not all, of the ASI bike brands in their 106 retail outlets and online for years now. The new company, called Advanced Sports Enterprises (ASE) seems to be attempting to walk a fine line between increasing “omni-channel” sales (read: internet and mega-store) while maintaining relationships with independent dealers.

From the press release:

The new business model […] capitalizes on the changes in the buying habits of consumers who expect a seamless omni-channel brand and retail experience. And, it positions Advanced Sports Enterprises to compete even more effectively with other major bicycle businesses – all of which have entered into the retail market with corporate stores or partnered retailers. The new business model creates opportunity for delivery of enhanced retail solutions and improved profitability for all ASI retailers, allowing them to better compete in their markets.

The full press release is here.

Your Turn: Are you a Performance Bicycle customer or an ASI bike owner? What do you think about combining these two companies?