Banshee Spitfire Interbike Test Ride


Did you ever wonder what it would be like to be a mountain bike test pilot? Today I got just a taste when I rode a prototype of the Banshee Spitfire, a full suspension XC/freeride bike that isnt scheduled for production until March of 2010! Now I know how Chuck Yeager must have felt 🙂

Cool things to note about the Spitfire:

1. It has an adjustable bottom bracket height. Nope, that isnt a typo you can actually choose between two bb heights by switching the rear shock mounting point. Its like getting two bikes in one!


2. Its one by nine. Im a big fan of 1×9 set-ups myself and in talking to folks here today it sounds like the trend is really starting to catch on from downhill to XC bikes.

3. This bike is the boss of bosses. In the production model there will be frame bosses to accommodate just about any set-up you want to run, including HammerSchmidt.

Keep watching the Spitfire to see how it evolves over the next few months this could become a very cool bike!

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