All of Your Bike Saddle Questions, Answered

We talk with Sean Madsen, an expert on bike fitting and bike saddle designs.

Sean Madsen is WTB’s Saddle Category Manager and is an expert in cycling biomechanics with more than 24 years of experience. Over his career he’s studied and taught bike fitting to thousands worldwide, and he’s helped create many innovative saddle concepts while working with top athletes.

In this episode, we ask Sean common questions about bike saddles including:

  • How are bike saddles constructed?
  • What are some of the different materials that are used for padding? Are there advantages to using materials like gel?
  • What is the purpose of titanium or carbon saddle rails?
  • How does bike saddle sizing work?
  • Are more expensive saddles more comfortable?
  • What’s the idea behind saddle cutouts?
  • Why do you think the Volt is one of WTB’s best selling saddles?
  • Do men and women need different bike saddles?
  • Are saddles generally designed under the assumption that riders will be wearing a chamois?
  • Are mountain bike saddles different from road bike saddles?
  • How have saddle designs changed over the past few seasons? What’s driving the changes?
  • What are some signs that it’s time for a new or a different saddle?

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