44 Fat Bike Tires: A Comprehensive Guide

A round up of 44 fat bike tires on the market.

The fat bike market has grown up a lot over the last few years, and these days fat bike owners have plenty of great fat bike tires to choose from. Whether you’ve finally worn out the tires that came with your fat bike or you’re looking for something more aggressive or faster-rolling, this is your guide to virtually all the fat bike tires on the market today.

We’ve organized this list of 44 unique fat bike tires a couple different ways: by tread pattern (aggressive, all-rounder, or fast rolling) and by size (diameter and width). So whether you’re looking to change up your style of fat biking or you’re just trying to find replacement tires to fit your rig, this article should have you covered.

Note: weights and prices reflect the lowest weight and price for any variation of the selected tire.

Aggressive Fat Bike Tires


Aggressive fat bike tires are tires which are well-suited to loose snow, mud, rocks, and pretty much everything you can throw at them.

45NRTH Dillinger 4, Dillinger 5: The Dillinger tires from 45NRTH are studded and ready to dominate snow and icy conditions. The Dillinger 4 is 26×4.0 and retails for $175 while the Dillinger 5 is 26×4.8 and retails for $240.

45NRTH Wrathchild: This is another studded tire from 45NRTH with good cornering lugs for added confidence in the snow. The Wrathchild is 26×4.6 ($145 MSRP) and there’s also a 27.5+ version as well.

45NRTH Dunderbeist: This rear-specific tire features dual-compound construction and a tread designed for optimal braking and acceleration. The Dunderbeist is a 26×4.6 tire and retails for $140.

45NRTH Flowbeist: The Flowbeist is the front-specific tire that’s meant to be paired with the Dunderbeist mentioned above. Like the Dunderbeist, this is a 26×4.6 tire and retails for $140.

Bontrager Gnarwal: The Gnarwal is designed for rough terrain and deep snow, with a studded version available as well. Buyers can choose from either 26×3.8 or 27.5×4.5 sizes, and pricing starts at $119.99 for the 26″ fat tire version.

Maxxis Colossus: The Colossus is designed for loose conditions which, for fat biking, usually means mud and snow. This tire certainly isn’t a lightweight, tipping the scales at 1445g. 26×4.8, $130 MSRP.

Maxxis Minion FBF: This is Maxxis’s fat bike version of the popular Minion tire. The Minion FBF tire is front-specific and sorta straddles the line between an aggressive and all-rounder tire, built for loose and wet conditions, but also designed with great cornering and low rolling resistance in mind. Not only is Maxxis offering the Minion FBF in 26×4.0 and 26×4.8 sizes, but there’s also a 27.5×3.8 configuration for 27.5-fat bikes like the new Trek Farley bikes and Rocky Mountain Suzi Q models. 1225g, $100 MSRP.

Maxxis Minion FBR: The rear-specific Minion fat bike tire. 1210g, $100 MSRP.

Surly Bud: The Bud is a front-specific, aggressive snow tire designed for maximum traction in difficult conditions. 26×4.8, 1585g, $130 MSRP.

Surly Lou: The Lou is a rear-specific tire designed to be paired with the Bud. 26×4.8, 1585g, $130.

Surly Nate: Surly’s Nate is an aggressive fat bike tire designed to corner well, even in loose conditions. 26×3.8, 1350g, $110 MSRP.

Terrene Wazia: The Wazia is designed as a “go anywhere” tire, especially if “anywhere” is covered in snow or sand. A studded version is also available. 26×4.0 and 26×4.6 sizes, starting at 1350g, $120 MSRP.

Vee Snow Avalanche: As you can tell by the name, the Snow Avalanche is designed for serious snow riding and can even hold its own in icy conditions thanks to embedded studs. 26×4.0 and 26×4.8 sizes, starting at 1300g and $130 MSRP.

Vee Bulldozer: If you need to move a lot of soft, loose, and wet dirt or snow around, the Bulldozer is a good choice. 26×4.25 and 26×4.7, 1390g, $110 MSRP.

Vee Snow Shoe, Snow Shoe XL: The Snow Shoe is designed to work well in snow, but Vee also says it’s an aggressive tire that works well in muddy and rocky terrain. 26×4.5, 26×4.8, 1460g, $100 MSRP.

Vee Snow Shoe 2XL:  As far as we can tell, this is the world’s fattest fat bike tire at 5.05″ wide. The Snow Shoe 2XL is designed for maximum floatation in snow and loose conditions. 26×5.05, 1930g, $170 MSRP.

Vittoria Cannoli: This aggressive fat bike tire is designed for snow and loose conditions. It’s the heaviest on our list, but also one of the more affordable 4.8″ tires we found. 26×4.8, 1950g, $105 MSRP.

All-Rounder Fat Bike Tires


A good all around fat bike tire is typically designed to corner well while rolling fast. These tires are best used on packed snow or dry trails, but can still hold their own in medium conditions.

45NRTH Hüsker Dü: This tire is a textbook all-rounder fat bike tire, designed with both rolling efficiency and excellent cornering in mind. 26×4.0, $115 MSRP.

45NRTH Vanhelga: The Vanhelga is another great all-round tire from 45NRTH that’s dual compound with sharp shoulder knobs for digging into icy corners. 26×4.0, $115 MSRP.

Bontrager Barbegazi: We’re not sure who is in charge of naming fat bike tires at Bontrager, but the Barbegazi is actually a pretty accessible tire that’s designed for groomed snow riding. 26×4.7 and 27.5×4.5, 1240g, $119.99 MSRP.

Bontrager Hodag: The Hodag is designed for riding either snow or dry trails, and like many of the other fat bike tires from Bontrager, it’s available for both 26- and 27.5-fat diameters. 26×3.8 and 27.5×3.8, 1244g, $119.99 MSRP.

Kenda Juggernaut: Kenda claims the Juggernaut can do it all, though truthfully this tire probably straddles the line between an all-round fat bike tire and a fast roller. 26×4.0, 1285g, $79.99 MSRP.

Maxxis Mammoth: The Mammoth is Maxxis’s original fat bike tire, designed to tackle everything from hardpack to loose over hard and medium conditions. 26×4.0, 1270g, $95 MSRP.

Origin 8 Devist-8er: Believe it or not, Origin 8 calls this an all around, XC tire. But if you think about it, whether you’re riding groomed snow trails or dry singletrack, you’re generally covering decent distance and need a good all-around tire like the Devist-8er. We’re just a little unsure about how to take the name of this tire. 26×4.0, 1430g $65.99 MSRP.

Origin 8 Tsunami: The Tsunami is said to be a fast roller, yet the spaced out tread pattern promises to hook up in medium conditions. It’s also one of the most affordable fat bike tires on our list. 26×4.0 and 26×4.9, 1175g, $55.

Panaracer Fat B Nimble: The Fat B Nimble is currently the only fat bike tire Panaracer offers, so it’s designed to meet the needs of most riders by straddling the middle ground between traction and rolling resistance. 26×4.0 and 27.5×3.5, 1180g, $89.99 MSRP.

Schwalbe Jumbo Jim: Schwalbe says the Jumbo Jim is designed for snow and sand riding, but with a sub-1000g version available, this should be a fast rolling tire as well. 26×4.0, 26×4.4, and 26×4.8; 990g; $111.15 MSRP.

Specialized Ground Control Fat: Ground Control tires are popular with many riders thanks the their versatility, and the fat version of this tire seems to deliver similar versatility in snow and loose conditions. The Ground Control Fat tire is unique in that it’s offered in kids fat sizes, in addition to more traditional fat tire sizes. 20×4.0, 24×4.0, 26×4.0, and 26×4.6; 1290g; $130 MSRP.

Surly Larry: This all-round fat bike tire is designed for loose, soft conditions, while the low profile knobs promise to deliver a fast rolling experience. 26×3.8, 1256g, $100 MSRP.

Surly Big Fat Larry: The Big Fat Larry is a wider version of the Larry, offering increased traction and flotation over the original. 26×4.7, 1400g, $110 MSRP.

Vee Rail Tracker: Vee’s Rail Tracker is yet another tire that’s described as being suited to XC, but also (groomed) snow. 26×4.0, $135 MSRP.

Vee Mission Command: This is Vee’s most popular fat tire thanks to its versatility, but probably thanks to its low price as well. 26×4.0 and 26×4.7, 1420g, $60 MSRP.

Vittoria Bomboloni: The Bomboloni is an all-rounder that’s designed to roll fast while still offering excellent cornering in medium-loose conditions. 26×4.0, 1525g, $105 MSRP.

Fast Rolling Fat Bike Tires


Whether you’re looking to dominate the local fat bike race series or to transform your fat bike into a winter commuter, these low resistance, fast-rolling tires should fit the bill.

Bontrager Rougarou: If there ever was such a thing as a fat bike race tire, this is it. The Rougarou has a ton of closely spaced knobs and is offered in a barely-fat-bike-legal 3.8″ width only. Trek claims this tire is lightweight, but isn’t very forthcoming about how much it actually weighs (fortunately the folks at fat-bike.com tell us the tire weighs about 1100g.) 26×3.8, 1100g, $119.99.

Duro Big D: Duro’s lone fat bike tire offering is said to be a hardpack slayer that’s designed to roll fast and easy. 26×4.0, 1280g.

Origin 8 Captiv-8er: These fat bike tires are clearly designed for only the grippiest hardpack or street riding. At 3.5″ wide, they’re really pushing the limit of what we consider to be a fat bike tire, but at least they should roll really fast! 26×3.5, $66 MSRP.

Origin 8 Supercell: These are straight-up street tires, with a bit of channeling for wet (street) conditions. 26×4.0, $60 MSRP.

Specialized Fast Trak Fat: Leave it to Trek and Specialized to duke it out in the newly-emerging fat bike race category. The Fast Trak Fat promises to be a racy, low rolling resistance tire. 26×4.0, 1100g, $110 MSRP.

Surly Black Floyd: The Black Floyd is a street tire that’s about as fast rolling as you can get. Just don’t take these tires off the pavement. 26×3.8, 1050g, $90 MSRP.

Surly Knard: Surly’s Knard tire is bristling with short, tightly-spaced knobs that offer low rolling resistance while still giving a little bite on hardpack and groomed snow. 26×3.8 and 26×4.8, 1506g, $90 MSRP.

Vee Apache Slick: The Apache Fatty Slick is exactly what it sounds like: a slick fat tire, designed for riding pavement. 26×4.5, 1220g, $120 MSRP.

Vee Chicane: This is another tire designed for pavement, and like the Origin 8 Captiv-8er, it’s just 3.5″ wide for minimal rolling resistance. On days when you don’t want your fat bike to roll like a fatty, this could be your tire. 26×3.5, 1370g, $60 MSRP.

Vee Speedster: The Speedster is a lighter weight alternative to the Chicane. 26×3.5, 1070g, $70 MSRP.

Fat Bike Tires, By Size

Even though there are a ton of fat bike tires on the market today, not all tires are available for all wheel and frame sizes. Here, we’ve organized the tire choices above by wheel size.

20×4.0, 24×4.0 Tires

Kids currently have just one choice when it comes to fat bike tires.

26×4 Tires

There are two main fat bike sizes on the market today, and most mountain bikers refer to them as 4-inch and 5-inch fat bikes based on the maximum tire width the bikes can accommodate. Nearly all 4-inch fat bikes utilize 26-inch diameter wheels (hence, 26×4.0) but as we’ll see later in the article, there are also 27.5-inch diameter fat bikes on the market. Tires between 3.5″ and 4.0″ wide are included in this category.

  • 45NRTH Dillinger 4
  • 45NRTH Hüsker Dü
  • 45NRTH Vanhelga
  • Bontrager Gnarwal
  • Bontrager Hodag
  • Bontrager Rougarou
  • Duro Big D
  • Kenda Juggernaut
  • Maxxis Mammoth
  • Maxxis Minion FBF
  • Maxxis Minion FBR
  • Origin 8 Captiv-8er
  • Origin 8 Devist-8er
  • Origin 8 Supercell
  • Origin 8 Tsunami
  • Panaracer Fat B Nimble
  • Schwalbe Jumbo Jim
  • Specialized Fast Track Fat
  • Specialized Ground Control Fat
  • Surly Black Floyd
  • Surly Knard
  • Surly Larry
  • Surly Nate
  • Terrene Wazia
  • Vee Apache Fatty Slick
  • Vee Chicane
  • Vee Mission Command
  • Vee Rail Tracker
  • Vee Snow Avalanche
  • Vee Speedster
  • Vittoria Bomboloni

26×5.0 Tires

Most “5-inch” fat bike tires aren’t actually marketed as being 5-inches wide; in fact, most top out at 4.8 inches, but everyone rounds up. These fatter fat bike tires and bikes are generally designed for the most extreme snow and loose conditions. For this list, we’ve included any tire 4.25″ and wider.

  • 45NRTH Wrathchild
  • 45NRTH Flowbeist
  • 45NRTH Dunderbeist
  • 45NRTH Dillinger 5
  • Bontrager Barbegazi
  • Kenda Juggernaut
  • Origin 8 Tsunami
  • Maxxis Colossus
  • Maxxis Minion FBF
  • Maxxis Minion FBR
  • Schwalbe Jumbo Jim
  • Specialized Ground Control Fat
  • Surly Big Fat Larry
  • Surly Bud
  • Surly Knard
  • Surly Lou
  • Terrene Wazia
  • Vee Bulldozer
  • Vee Mission Command
  • Vee Snow Avalanche
  • Vee Snow Shoe, Snow Shoe XL, Snow Shoe 2XL
  • Vittoria Cannoli

27.5 Fat Tires

Trek is the biggest company currently pushing 27.5 fat bikes, though fortunately the company’s Bontrager brand is not the only company producing tires for these bikes.

  • Bontrager Barbegazi
  • Bontrager Gnarwal
  • Bontrager Hodag
  • Maxxis Minion FBF
  • Maxxis Minion FBR
  • Panaracer Fat B Nimble

As new fat bike tires hit the market, we’ll do our best to keep this spreadsheet and article up to date.

For more any information about any fat bike tires mentioned in this article, check out the respective manufacturer’s website.