8 Hip Packs for Mountain Biking Tested and Reviewed

Our writers tested 8 hip packs for mountain biking this year, from ultra-minimal choices like the Mavic Crossride Belt to the gigantic Sierra Designs Flex Lumbar pack. Find the right pack for your riding style.

Hip packs aren’t for everyone, but many mountain bikers prefer the simplicity and freedom of movement these packs afford on the trail. Our writers tested 8 hip packs this year, from ultra-minimal choices like the Mavic Crossride Belt to the gigantic Sierra Designs Flex Lumbar pack. Check out the list below to find the right fanny pack to suit your needs.

Hip PackPriceBottle holster?Reservoir included?CapacityWeight
Camelbak Podium Flow Belt$451No2L181g
EVOC Hip Pack Race$1201Yes3L430g
Mavic Crossride Belt$601No1L254g
Mission Workshop Axis$130NoNo2.5L227g
Osprey Savu$552No4L367g
Patagonia Nine Trails$1192Yes8L380g
Showers Pass Rainslinger$69NoNo3.5L321g
Sierra Designs Flex Lumbar$742No10L340g

Camelbak Podium Flow Belt

The Podium Flow Belt is both the lightest and least expensive hip pack we tested this year. This pack falls into a class often referred to as a “belt” rather than a pack because it is so small. The upshot is riders will barely even notice it’s there.

A Camelbak bottle is included to fit the integrated holster, and there are two zippered compartments for keeping small items organized. Read our full review here.

EVOC Hip Pack Race

The EVOC Hip Pack Race is a great choice for those who need to haul plenty of water but want to keep all that weight off their shoulders. A 1L hydration reservoir is included with the pack which also features a bottle holder for even more liquid refreshment.

EVOC beefed up the waist strap in the latest version of the Hip Pack Race, and included well-vented padding at the back for added comfort and protection. Read Gerow’s full review here.

Mavic Crossride Belt

  • Weight: 254g
  • Capacity: 1L
  • Reservoir: No
  • Bottle holsters: Yes
  • $60 MSRP
  • Available from Mavic

The Crossride Belt from Mavic is another minimal hip pack designed to hold the essentials and nothing more. An included 20oz., triangular water bottle fits snugly inside the pack leaving about 1L of carrying capacity for keys, cellphone, and a small set of tools. Check out Gerow’s full review here.

Mission Workshop Axis

photo: Brian Gerow
  • Weight: 8oz
  • Capacity: 2.5L
  • Reservoir: No
  • Bottle holsters: No
  • $130 MSRP
  • Available from Mission Workshop

As Gerow noted in his review, the Axis hip pack from Mission Workshop “is on the lighter and simpler side of the spectrum, yet it’s built as sturdy as any.” There’s no bottle holster or room inside for a hydration pack, so this bag is strictly for hauling the essentials like snacks, tools, a tube, mini pump, and a cellphone. At $130, it’s the most expensive fanny pack we tested this year.

Osprey Savu

The Osprey Savu is notable for having two water bottle holsters which helps balance the load on this medium-sized hip pack. In his review, Matt says the Savu is “more comfortable than wearing a full pack and I can still carry everything I need for big rides.” This is also one of the more affordable packs we tested this year at just $55.

Patagonia Nine Trails Waist Pack

photo: Patagonia

The Patagonia Nine Trails hip pack is another that offers plenty of water storage, thanks to the included 1.5L bladder and two bottle holsters. Without the bladder inside, the Nine Trails boasts 8L of storage making it one of the largest packs we tested. The pack is backed by a lifetime warranty which makes the $119 MSRP a bit easier to swallow. Read Dillon’s full review here.

Showers Pass Rainslinger Waterproof Hip Pack

The RainSlinger slung with mud. photo: Brian Gerow
  • Weight: 321g
  • Capacity: 3.5L
  • Reservoir: No
  • Bottle holsters: No
  • $69 MSRP
  • Available at Amazon | Compare Prices

The simple design of the Showers Pass RainSlinger belies a raft of features any mountain biker can appreciate. For starters, in keeping with the Showers Pass mission, the RainSliger is a waterproof pack unlike any of the others we tested. It also comes with a flashing red safety beacon and webbing to attaching more gear to the outside of the pack. There’s no bottle holster or hydration pack included, so buyers will want to have that covered separately. Read Gerow’s full review here.

Sierra Designs Flex Lumbar

photo: Leah Barber
  • Weight: 340g
  • Capacity: 10L
  • Reservoir: No
  • Bottle holsters: 2
  • $74 MSRP
  • Available at Amazon

Among the hip packs we tested this year, the Sierra Designs Flex Lumbar is the largest of them all, offering 10L of storage capacity. That’s more than most medium-sized backpacks, plus there’s room for two water bottles on the sides. At $74 MSRP, this pack offers a good value for riders seeking an all-day pack. Read Jeff’s full review here.

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