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Mountain bike design has come a long way in the last decade. Could the 1x drivetrain be the biggest driver?

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First Ride Impressions: What’s New with the Santa Cruz 5010 Trail Bike

Santa Cruz 5010 5

The 2023 Santa Cruz 5010 is a trail bike with a playful edge. Rocking mixed wheels, short-ish travel and long and low geometry, the name of the game is fun.

The Banshee Prime is a 135mm Trail Bike that Rides Much Bigger Than It Is

The Banshee Prime is a 135mm travel 29er that rides bigger than it is thanks to its progression geometry and KS2 suspension design.

Affordable Tires, Aftermarket Suspension Links, and Technical Trail Tools at Crankworx Whistler 2022

We take a second lap at Crankworx Whistler to see what else is new and exciting in the village, including new packable trail tools, affordable MTB tires, and more.

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We checked out some of the new bikes on show at Crankworx: some electric, some prototype, some carbon, and some 3D-printed.

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Some of the most interesting MTB gear and tech from Crankworx Whistler, 2022. New bikes, suspension tech, clothing, pedals, and more.

The We Are One Arrival Is a Mid-Travel Bike With a Case of Big Bike Syndrome

The We Are One Arrival super bike is made in Canada with a not unreasonable price tag given its premium construction. We tested one in BC to see if it lives up to the hype.

Are Foam Grips Any Good for Mountain Biking?

Foam grips don’t sound terribly exciting, and in the past I’ve completely dismissed them for a whole bunch of reasons. But after testing some, it turns out they are pretty comfortable.

We Are One Arrival All-Mountain Bike in for Test

We Are One Arrival

The We Are One Arrival is an all-Canadian all-mountain bike, handmade and designed to be a premium product. Will it ride as good as it looks? We have one in for test to find out.

Banshee Prime V3.2 All-Mountain, ‘Do-All’ Bike In for Test

The Banshee Prime is the brand’s answer to the trail/all-mountain 29er segment. We’ve got one fresh in for test to see how it performs.